Sonar Screensaver

Sonar Screensaver

Sonar Screensaver detects all moving underwater objects right on your screen

"Skipper, contact at 800 feet."
The Sonar Screensaver detects all moving underwater objects right on your screen.

This unique screensaver will take you on a trip to the underwater world and will put you on the sonar operator seat.
You will be able to see an amazing sonar screen complete with rotating beams and marks for depth distance and more.

It contains a lot of information required to identify what kind of object is approaching to the submarine in any direction.
Sometimes you will even see several objects around you. Your job is to determine if they are hostile ships or friends.

The Sonar Screensaver includes lots of sounds. You will listen to underwater noises, what sounds like whales singing, and many other sound effects that will make you feel the real thing.
The ambience is so realistic that you might forget where you are and start issuing orders or indications.

You will surely enjoy this screensaver. It will keep you watching for hours. Just remember you have to go back to work some time.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic
  • Original


  • Maybe after a while it could become boring
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